after the Muselier-LREM agreement, the scenario of a new list studied by LR on Tuesday

During two crisis meetings, LR leaders will debate the hypothesis of an autonomous candidacy against the outgoing president of the region, Renaud Muselier, for whom the Macronist list has withdrawn.

What if Les Républicains constituted a new list for the regional elections in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (Paca)? The leaders of the party are looking into this scenario on Tuesday, after the political earthquake caused by the agreement between the outgoing LR president of the region, Renaud Muselier, and the local leader of La République en Marche (LREM), Sophie Cluzel, announced by Prime Minister Jean Castex in Sunday Newspaper.

The possibility of an autonomous LR list against Renaud Muselier, who lost the nomination of the right-wing party, will be at the center of two high-risk meetings scheduled for Tuesday at the headquarters of the Republicans, in Paris, around the president of the movement, Christian Jacob: that of the strategic committee, in the morning, and that of a national investiture commission (CNI) devoted to the Paca region, at the end of the afternoon.

The question of an exclusion of Muselier posed

Made uncertain by the approach of May 17, the deadline for submitting candidacies before the June elections, the hypothesis of a new list is, however, supported by the President of the CNI and LR MP for the Alpes-Maritimes, Éric Ciotti, by the LR mayor of Cannes, David Lisnard, but also by the bosses of LR senators and MEPs, Bruno Retailleau and François-Xavier Bellamy. This is “Wear our own colors and our convictions”, supported Bruno Retailleau this Monday in Le Figaro.

An independent application? “I don’t know who had such an idea”, “I’m not afraid of much”, laughed on Monday Renaud Muselier in Nice (Alpes-Maritimes), alongside the mayor of the city, Christian Estrosi, one of his supporters. The former Secretary of State of Jacques Chirac has indicated that he will be present on Tuesday, in Paris, in front of his colleagues from LR. “I will ask again for the support of my political family”, he declared, denying everything “Device agreement” or “Merging lists” with LREM, but pleading for a “Logic of the largest gathering”.

The question of its exclusion is also raised. “I don’t want that”, assured Sunday on Radio J the president of the LR deputies, Damien Abad: “We have already experienced this at the time of the“ Constructive ” (ex-LR supports Emmanuel Macron at the start of the five-year term), we carried the burden for a long time ”. For his part, MP Éric Ciotti ruled on Monday on Europe 1 that the elected official from Marseille “naturally placed himself out of (to) political family“. According to him, he made a “choice” who “Will probably lead to the election of Thierry Mariani”, the candidate of the National Rally in Paca, ex-member of the Republicans and former minister of Nicolas Sarkozy.

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