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Not everyone is familiar with the name MC Niack, but it is difficult to find anyone who has not heard the hits “Na Raba Toma Tapão” and “Oh Juliana” during the Covid-19 pandemic. The author of the songs, whose real name is Davi Alexandre Magalhães de Almeida, is a young man from Ribeirão Preto, in the interior of São Paulo, who has become a phenomenon in the last year.

With “Oh Juliana”, he remained on top of the most heard songs from Brazil on Spotify for three months and was the first Brazilian to join Billboard’s Global 200 singles list, created in September of the same year. All this before reaching the age of 18, completed in October 2020.

At the end of March, MC Niack decided to explore even more spicy and sensual lyrics with the release of “Oh Moça (Arabiana)”, a song that emerged from a daydream and tells the story of an Arab who is related to a Brazilian, without knowing how to speak Portuguese. This Thursday (8), the song gets a fun music video with Compadre Washington, from É o Tchan, who does not sing, but choreographs and directs the clip.

“Axé and funk are very similar,” explains MC Niack about the choice of the partnership. “Axé used to have very explicit lyrics, but it was not as discriminated as funk, which was born in the favela, is today. Like so many other funkeiros, I try to make a difference and show that funk is not just a rhythm, but a movement that it changes the lives of artists and cheers people up – even the elite like funk. “

“It is gratifying to see a young man from the new generation of Brazilian music referring to a group of more than 30 years on the road,” says Compadre, in reference to his group of axé. “I did not know Niack’s work, but my granddaughter listens to him always and I listen on Big Brother Brasil. After I met him in person, I saw that he has everything to grow. “

MC Niack, who is today one of the main representatives of the funk “mandelão” —rhythm that mixes pop with street beat, with bursting and sparse bass—, found the way out of prejudice in the “new social networks”, especially , in the TikTok app, to which he attributes much of the current success.

With songs that serve as the soundtrack for the app’s dance challenges, MC Niack confesses that he has already created content with the intention of exploring the platform, and is always posting videos of fans dancing his songs on his proposed challenges on his social networks.

It was through the social network that he went viral “Oh Juliette”, version of “Oh Juliana” in homage to the participant Juliette Freire, from Big Brother Brasil 21. In the lyrics, he sings: “Oh Juliette, for you ‘it’s easy’. the way that ‘you’ go through ”.

“I follow Big Brother a lot and I like Juliette a lot. I see myself in her. And whenever she plays my music, she changes ‘Juliana’ for ‘Juliette’ – that’s why I made the song and launched it on the platforms”, says the funkeiro, who is admittedly a fan and supporter of the participant.


The idea of ​​a musical career came up in one of the most difficult moments in Niack’s life, at 16, when he went into depression and even dropped out of school, focusing only on a few releases on YouTube.

The song ended up not working out, but it helped him gain strength to resume his studies in 2019. Even so, at the beginning of the following year, he resumed the music channel and was contacted by DJ Markim WF (Marcos William Ferreira), who helped in the creation of his hits, and Léo Memes, who helped in his engagement work on social networks.

In just two months, Niack managed to go viral with “Na Raba Toma Tapão”, and now completes a year since he became known for music. Since then, the singer has even had a “foreign experience” with the Mexican singer Sofía Reyes and producer Maejor, with whom he released “Vida”, pop music with sample (montages of melodies already recorded) of “Thank You “by Dido, made possible by the label Warner Music.


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