Against mothers and against life – 06/10/2021 – Silvio Almeida

In bookstores in this country there will be at least a few shelves with books dealing with the “crisis of democracy”.

On this theme, interpretations are of all types and for all tastes: from more historicist to more sociological approaches; from works anchored in a liberal and nostalgic vision of a supposedly lost paradise to others, which I consider more sophisticated, that see the process of emptying democracy as a dimension of the crisis of capitalism.

Alongside these books that narrate the decline of democracy and the decomposition of Brazilian social life there is a personal report that is also an interesting page of our recent history: “Laura Revolution”, written by journalist and former federal deputy Manuela d’Ávila ( B) PC.

In the book, Manuela talks about how the presence of her daughter, Laura, transformed her life. In the last presidential campaign in which she was a candidate for the Vice-Presidency of the Republic on Fernando Haddad’s ticket, while carrying her daughter in one arm and leaflets in the other, Manuela lived with misogynistic attacks and countless lies.

It is important to note that several of these attacks, as is often the case with women, involved your body. Against the vital force of the relationship between mother and daughter, the death drive that mobilizes the current occupants of the government of Brazil was raised.

Since the 2018 electoral campaign, things in the country have worsened a lot, and political violence has increased in such a way that every day it becomes more difficult to distinguish state institutions from militia groups. In a previous column we already mentioned death threats addressed to federal deputy Talíria Petrone (PSOL-RJ).

And in recent days we have learned of a new wave of death threats, sexual violence and insults against Manuela, but this time directed directly at her daughter, a five-year-old child.

What can be said about a country that killed the young Kathlen Romeu, pregnant with her first child, that did not reach the order of the murder of councilwoman and mother Marielle Franco, and in which the authorities do not offer protection to mothers threatened with death. it’s about a country that hates mothers.

A country that elected Bolsonaro and that keeps him in power has acquired such a taste for death that it needs to destroy everything that bears the possibility of generating life, including mothers, both current and potential.
Brazil is not restricted to eliminating biological life. What is at stake is the very idea of ​​being a mother.

Under this logic, women must be afraid to generate, so that, in this way, existence is reduced to obedience and fear. Therefore, the attacks suffered by women are aimed at much more than controlling or killing their bodies. What is wanted, above all, is to rip their souls, killing their children or exposing them to constant threat.

This horror is not just due to a government that is notoriously incompetent and criminal. Brazilian society is unequal and authoritarian and comprises a historically violent and racist State. The truth is that Brazil is an existential threat to the mothers and children of this country. Today, Brazil is the country that compromises the future.

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