Against the background of North Korea’s missile launch, Moscow calls on all parties to exercise restraint

MAXIM BLINOV satellite

In light of the recent developments on the Korean Peninsula, Moscow called on all parties concerned to exercise restraint and to resume dialogue to settle regional issues.

“We are following with interest the development of the situation on the Korean peninsula. There is no rational alternative to a political and diplomatic settlement of regional issues,” a statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry said on its website on Wednesday.

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The Kremlin: We are closely monitoring the situation around North Korea's missile launches

“In this context, we call on all partners to show restraint and affirm with practical steps their readiness to resume dialogue in accordance with the agreements reached earlier and the commitments they made,” the Foreign Ministry added.

“We will continue efforts to push the relevant countries to implement the Russian-Chinese road map for the Korean settlement, as well as the action plan drawn up by Russia and China in 2019 to find a comprehensive solution to the issues of the Korean Peninsula,” the Russian Foreign Ministry stressed.

On Wednesday, South Korea announced that North Korea had fired two ballistic missiles toward the Sea of ​​Japan.

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