Al-Daya market is flourishing inside the camps of the displaced in Lebanon.. The best solution for abortion

It is not surprising what we will read, as the midwife profession returned to Lebanon with force, this time from the angle of abortion. In light of the economic crisis that ravaged Lebanon, midwives, or what is colloquially known as “the midwife”, found an opportunity to revive this profession, which had diminished with the development of hospitals. and its control over the health sector.

And with the rise in the exchange rate of the dollar and the accompanying inability to enter hospitals, as they have become the preserve of the well-to-do only, women have found no way out to get rid of their pregnancy except for an illegal abortion by a “midwife,” which opened the way for them to benefit from lax supervision, And taking advantage of the opportunity to perform “hidden” abortions.

Lebanese reality
Lebanese law punishes abortion, as well as those who call for abortion, and the Penal Code stipulates imprisonment for anyone who promotes abortion or uses abortion methods (539 penalties), as long as the abortion is not curative, while the law allows abortion if the pregnancy poses a danger On the life of the pregnant woman, however, the work of the midwife crossed all red lines, making their homes a scene of the most heinous types of killing lives.

Returning to the Lebanese reality, the matter goes completely against the law, as women who want to abort the fetus avoid hospitals and go to the “midwife”, thus avoiding any legal accountability, or any other binding measures that hospitals may take due to the seriousness of this process.

It can be said that the work of the “midwife” or legal midwife has returned to prosperity, as circumvention and bypassing the law was not the only goal, but rather the inability of women to pay hospital costs prompted them to resort to what is now known, in light of this crisis, as the “Republic of Midwives.” “. So that the rulers of this republic are ready to rebel against the law, unaware of the effects of the operation, which may result in severe damage to the health of the pregnant woman, which may lead to her death.

Hence, it can be said that the process of reaching the “delivery” has become easy, as their addresses are easy to circulate as long as the responsible authorities do not strictly deter such cases.

Approximately 5% of women who take the work of a midwife in its legal aspect (the legal midwife) have private clinics, and in parallel, and because they are not affiliated with any hospital or any care center, they open the doors of their clinics.
According to the figures, the Bekaa region accounts for the largest number of illegal abortions, which naturally takes place at the midwife, as camp residents resort to the midwife in order to get rid of the fetus as a source of a new burden, and this escape inside the camps prompted midwives to Opening a new “business” among these tents, as information indicates that the cost of one abortion ranges between $400-600, which is not an easy number at present, but it remains much better than going to the hospital and facing difficult procedures.
Recently, in Zahle, the security forces were able to stop one of these rebels against the law, as one of the displaced women decided to enter this “business” to turn her tent into a destination for Lebanese and Syrian women to perform abortions. And carrying out an abortion with primitive tools, in exchange for small sums, without obtaining permission to practice the profession.
The matter is no different in other clinics far from the camps, as many Lebanese women recount the great difficulties they face as a result of resorting to unsafe clinics, in terms of not adopting the minimum required standards.

Hence, it can be said that the market for the midwife or midwife has become completely open to any circumvention of the law, and this naturally does not hide the role of doctors who collude with these midwives in order to benefit from such operations, as the security forces, in parallel, were able to stop a doctor who performed abortions Illegal by an imaginary number, which necessitated his suspension from work.
Are we really living with the Republic of the Daya, which has become legislated without the slightest oversight, or is it necessary to legalize abortion and establish a new, developed legal standard?

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