Almost 20 billion rubles allocated for roads to tourist places – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Almost 20 billion rubles have been allocated for the repair and construction of roads to tourist sites throughout the country, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishutin said at a government meeting. “This year, more than 300 roads to tourist sites should be repaired. Their length is about 1,500 kilometers,” he stressed. Reconstruction of regional highways and city streets will take place in Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Irkutsk regions and on Lake Baikal.

A road to the Kizhi nature reserve will be built in Karelia. Now tourists visit it only during the navigation of ships on Lake Onega, which lasts about five months, the prime minister recalled. The car road, the head of the Cabinet of Ministers is sure, will become a worthy alternative to this route, and tourists will be able to come there at any time of the year.

“All the planned work on the reconstruction of roads to tourist sites should be fully implemented this year,” he pointed out to the authorities in the regions.

Over the course of the year, within the framework of the Safe and High-Quality Roads National Project, more than 16 thousand kilometers of roads will be put in order in 84 regions and 105 large cities, Mikhail Mishustin emphasized. “This is important for strengthening the regional economy, increasing the availability of goods and services for residents of small towns and villages,” he added.


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