American hint .. Hezbollah’s fingers are behind the “Ain Al-Assad” base attack in Iraq

While the investigation into the attack on the Ain Al-Asad air base in western Anbar province is still ongoing, US officials believed that an Iran-backed group with a history of targeting their forces in Iraq was involved and involved.

Two US Defense Department officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, stated that the Iranian-backed Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades or its militia carried out the attack last week, according to a report published by the US website Politco.

This media came simultaneously with the announcement by Senator Bob Menendez, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in a media statement, that the attack was carried out by “Iranian proxies in the region.”

Give them the green light

“They gave them the green light to launch these kinds of attacks. There must be consequences for that,” he added.

In a related context, defense officials indicated that the circumstances of the recent strike on the US base are very similar to previous attacks linked to Kataib Hezbollah, pointing out that countless Shiite militias in Iraq often receive instructions from Tehran.

Fourth attack within weeks

It is noteworthy that 10 missiles fell on the Al-Asad Air Base, which hosts most of the remaining 2,500 American forces fighting ISIS in Iraq, yesterday, Wednesday, while none of the service members were injured as a result of the bombing, but one of the contractors suffered a heart attack during his asylum and died Later.

The attack, the fourth in several weeks, shows that Iran’s support for militias has not diminished after the American strike, which targeted late last month, targets of Tehran’s militias in neighboring Syria.

The US Department of Defense (the Pentagon) announced yesterday, in a press briefing, that it may be compelled to “deploy additional forces in Iraq.” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that Washington would not hesitate to “respond to the Ain Al-Asad base attack after the investigation is over.”

Arch is made in Iran

The White House made it clear on Wednesday evening that it was still assessing the impact of the missile attack, stressing that it would move again if the assessment concluded that a response was necessary.

Concurrently, Western security sources confirmed to Agence France-Presse that the missiles that targeted al-Qaeda were Iranian-made “Arches”, which are of higher accuracy than the missiles that usually target Western sites in Iraq.

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