Amid the clash with the USA, Huawei opens a global cyber transparency center in China – 06/09/2021 – Market

Telecommunications giant Huawei this Wednesday (9) inaugurated a global transparency and cybersecurity center in Dongguan, where it is based in China, to create a channel for dialogue with customers, governments and regulators. The announcement comes just days after Joe Biden’s government intervened in US investments in Chinese technology companies like Huawei.

The center is the second of its kind opened by the company. The other unit is in Brussels, Belgium. Despite the official announcement taking place on Wednesday, some government delegations have already visited the site, such as the team of Fábio Faria, Minister of Communications. He was in Dongguan in February on the government’s “5G mission”.

This week, the minister is in the United States visiting other suppliers. The agenda also includes visits to the Departments of State, Homeland Security and Defense and to the Intelligence Directorate and the Federal Communications Commission of the country.

Under pressure and in the global rush to provide equipment for the deployment of the fifth generation of mobile internet, Huawei decided to present to potential customers all of its security and privacy processes there.

Since Donald Trump’s administration, the US government has accused the company of spying and handing over confidential information to the Chinese government. The company always responded that the White House did not provide evidence to support the complaint, which would only be a proposal to isolate Huawei in the telecommunications market.

According to Marcelo Motta, head of cybersecurity at the company in Brazil, the inauguration of the center is not a direct response to the American offensive, but an opportunity for governments to carry out equipment tests, both in software and in hardware, in what he calls the environment. crazy geopolitical.

“For the first time, we share a white paper with all of our baselines [os parâmetros de segurança], which define what comes out of the company’s products,” he says. “The wave of accusations has not stopped us from continuing to grow globally, and this care with safety is recognized by customers,” he said in an interview with leaf. According to him, the company is the only one in the sector that opens its software codes for checking by independent analysts.

Fabio Faria’s visit to China to Huawei earlier this year called for public responses from the minister to President Jair Bolsonaro’s supporters, who oppose the Chinese giant following Donald Trump’s line. At the time, Faria wrote on a social network that the trip was to get to know, “in loco, all the technologies existing in the world”. “TCU supervises and PR Bolsonaro decides.”

Brazil will have a private 5G network for the federal administration’s communication, to be built by operators that win the auction, scheduled for July. The estimate is that it will cost R$ 1 billion. The network was a solution found by the Minister of Communications to convince Bolsonaro not to bar Huawei from other operators’ networks.

In March, however, Faria stated that the Chinese did not meet the requirements to participate in the private network.

Motta, from Huawei, says that “the rules for the construction plan for the private network are not yet clearly defined, therefore, there is no detail of the requirements that will be demanded from the suppliers”. He adds that the company “is ready to provide telecommunications solutions in the 170 countries in which it operates.”

Huawei does not open the investment in the transparency center, which has about 1,000 square meters. It says the space is designed to demonstrate solutions, facilitate joint innovation, and support safety testing and verification for regulators, independent testing organizations, partners and vendors.

The company employs 197,000 employees, 3,000 of which in the cybersecurity area. In 2020, the investment in the sector was US$ 1 billion, 5% of what was dedicated to research and development, according to the executive.


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