Amnesty International defends its report on Kyiv’s violation of the laws of war

Amnesty International has said it stands by the conclusions of its recent report, which found that Ukraine is violating the laws of war and endangering civilian lives by placing military equipment and weaponry in schools and hospitals. About this corr. TASS was told on Saturday by a human rights organization headquartered in London.

“The findings in our press release documenting violations of international humanitarian law by the Ukrainian military were based on evidence collected during extensive field investigations,” the statement said. “We consider it fundamentally important to respond impartially. When we discover violations of international humanitarian law by Ukraine, as we did in this case, we will report them honestly and accurately. Ignoring violations committed by either side in any conflict will not be a convincing message about the state of human rights,” the statement said.

The organization said it sent a letter to the government of Ukraine on July 29 announcing its findings. “In this letter, we listed numerous towns and villages where we documented the activities described in the press release and provided GPS coordinates for 24 locations, including schools and hospitals, where Amnesty International confirmed that Ukrainian soldiers were being housed. For security reasons, this detailed information was not included in the press release. We informed the government that we would publish our findings and asked them to provide some kind of response by August 3, but received no response,” the NGO said.

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