An unprecedented escalation of lawyers against the judiciary.. Who will take them “off the tree”?

The gray scene reached by the reality of the judiciary in Lebanon was missing the position of Beirut Bar Association President Melhem Khalaf in order to complete the melancholy framework, according to a judicial source who pointed out that “and after the judiciary was attacked from all sides, the bet remained on the second wing of justice, that is, lawyers, to secure A balance is required in order to fortify the judicial work, so the unprecedented attack on the judiciary by the head of the Bar came with his descriptions and epithets yesterday, during a celebration held by the Syndicate in Beirut’s Justice, to implement the saying “The transfer was completed with hawthorn.”

The judicial source adds that the high ceiling drawn by the head of the Bar, in parallel with the indifference of the judiciary, will lead to the relationship of the “two wings of justice,” that is, judges and lawyers, to a terrible collapse. Is this what is required to complete the scene of the collapse of the authorities in Lebanon? Is it necessary to destroy everything to rebuild again? Who guarantees that we will rebuild on sound foundations? Most importantly, the lawyers of Beirut, a syndicate and affiliates, will help them get down from the high-sounding “tree of challenge” that they climbed to, and the expression of the tree here is inspired by an ancient Egyptian movie called “My Father Over the Tree” starring Abdel Halim Hafez.

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