An upcoming American decision terrifies the Brotherhood and intensive moves to avoid it

An informed Egyptian security source revealed intensive movements of a number of Egyptian Brotherhood leaders who are inside America to meet with Congressional officials and American politicians during the past few days in an attempt to reduce pressure on the group after calls in Congress to declare it a “terrorist organization.”

The source said that the group, as part of its foreign moves to pressure the Egyptian state, held a conference on November 2, under the slogan “Human Rights Practices”, organized by the Freedom Foundation, headed by “Brotherhood” leader Mohamed Salah Sultan, and attended by a number of the organization’s leaders, as well as Personalities allied with them, most notably Amr Waked and Khaled Abu Al-Naga.

The source, who spoke to “Sky News Arabia”, and preferred not to be named, indicated that the movements led by the “Brotherhood”, Mohamed Salah Sultan, focus in particular on human rights organizations and civil society institutions, as well as some politicians, to paint a false picture of the organization’s activity in the region. Arabia, and in Egypt in particular.

According to the source, the group is intensifying its attempt, in conjunction with moves by some deputies in Congress, to urge the administration of US President Joe Biden to classify the organization as a “terrorist.”

The US Republican Senator, Ted Cruz, criticized the way in which the administration of President Joe Biden deals with the Brotherhood, saying that “the American people have the right to know whether the administration of the president is trying to pressure the allies of the United States to release the extremists from the Brotherhood.”

In his speech, Ted Cruz said, “Under President Barack Obama and Vice President Biden, the policies implemented have been a disaster for our allies in the Middle East, and a boon to our enemies. Once again, the Biden-Harris administration is strengthening the Brotherhood, and other extremist religious groups in the Middle East. The Middle East…and they’re relieving pressure on Iran…and again, they’re hiding those details from Congress.”

Brotherhood pressure organizations

For his part, the Egyptian researcher specializing in political Islam Amr Farouk said that the Brotherhood uses a group of human rights institutions and civil society organizations inside America to pressure the administration of US President Joe Biden to take positions in support of the organization in the Middle East and Egypt in particular.

In a statement to “Sky News Arabia”, Farouk explained that the US administration derives its information about the human rights situation in Egypt from Brotherhood organizations, referring to the names of some of these organizations, including CARE, Ethna, Mass, in addition to the Freedom Organization, which is run by Mohamed Salah Sultan.

Farouk explained that the Biden administration is putting pressure on the Egyptian state, as a result of this false information and reports, to release prisoners from the Brotherhood, accused in terrorist cases, including Salah Sultan, Jihad Al-Haddad, Issam Al-Haddad, and Ola Al-Qaradawi, the daughter of Brotherhood leader Youssef Al-Qaradawi.

Farouk pointed to intensive movements by the international organization at the level of human rights organizations to communicate with the US administration to continue its pressure on Egypt regarding this file, noting that the Brotherhood is good at manufacturing and documenting lies and they have many precedents in falsifying the file of enforced disappearance or human rights violations.

The researcher specializing in political Islam stressed that the Egyptian state does not accept the policy of arm-twisting and does only what it deems appropriate for its internal policy and in accordance with the requirements of security and justice.

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