Anger is brewing in Northern Ireland

The provisions created by Brexit triggered clashes between hundreds of young unionists and the police for a few days and which continued this Thursday evening.

Correspondent in London

The specter of violence hangs over Northern Ireland once again. In recent days, tension has risen by several notches in the British province. Protesting against the provisions created by Brexit, hundreds of young unionists violently invaded the streets, attacking the police and local institutions.

The nights of violence followed one another and targeted the public services and the police, around fifty police officers having already been injured. After starting in the city of Londonderry, the clashes spread to Belfast, mainly the quarters of supporters of British Crown retention. During the night from Wednesday to Thursday, several hundred rioters threw Molotov cocktails over the fences separating the Catholic and Protestant districts. They also torched a bus on Lanark Way, injuring a driver, photographer and police. A number of protesters have

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