Anne Hidalgo and 15 department presidents call for the opening of the RSA to young people 18-25 years old

In a column published on the newspaper The world, they also demand the creation of a “basic income”.

«Young people remain the blind spot of this government.»In a column published in the newspaper The world , Anne Hidalgo and 15 socialist department presidents claim the right to experiment with new solutions at the departmental level, including the opening of the RSA (active solidarity income) to young people aged 18-25 and the creation of a basic income for the youth.

«The departments are, through their action, on the front line to limit social damage and provide the best support to our most vulnerable citizens. Youth is a central point, to which we bring special vigilance», Write the elected officials, who recall that since 2017, the warning signals concerning young people have multiplied.

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«This government’s blind spot»

According to them, the youth remain “this government’s blind spot“. They thus reaffirm their willingness to experiment with these measures with their citizens. “Health insurance, minimum income, solidarity income… France has always known how to be bold in social innovation. Today, we ask the government to be faithful to our social history and to allow us to experiment in our territories with new solutions to support our fellow citizens.», They claim.

They also explain that they want the departments to be at the heart of “this global fight against exclusion». «The pandemic has cruelly reminded us that we share the same community of destiny. If we want to win in the face of increasingly acute divisions in French society, we must proudly carry a project of fraternity and solidarity. Take care of others, ensure solidarity policies, fight against all forms of exclusionThey write.

On May 6, the National Assembly rejected the idea of ​​a “RSA young people“Defended by the left to respond to the consequences of the health and economic crisis of Covid-19 on young people, the majority and the right supporting systems”tailored», Considered more effective.

Brigitte Klinkert, Minister responsible for Integration, criticized the RSA extension project for being “ineffective and counterproductive». «We do not want a uniform solution but solutions adapted to the course, profile and difficulties of eachShe pleaded.

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