Anne Hidalgo wants to “propose another political offer” in 2022

In a newspaper interview The 1 week, the socialist mayor of Paris takes one more step towards the presidential election.

The strategy of small pebbles continues. Anne Hidalgo continues to send signs on her possible candidacy for the presidential election of 2022. In a river interview with the newspaper The 1 week of Wednesday June 16, the socialist mayor of Paris explains wanting “Propose another political offer”, “In order to make another voice heard” in the public debate. One more step for the one who simply said until then that she “Would take his share” for the election queen.

“We must save the country, not a party”

“I love my country. If strong actions are not taken now, we will not allow our children or our grandchildren the ability to draw the world they want ”, underlines the mayor of Paris, recalling the urgency facing the “Climate change”. Anne Hidalgo also judges that “Inequalities are so glaring today that it can generate chaos” in the society. “This invites me to act for my country”, she explains. “We have to go back and talk politics, and in a way that is not partisan. We must save the country, not a party ”, insists the socialist who has been traveling in several cities in recent months.

Unsurprisingly, Anne Hidalgo unleashes her blows against Emmanuel Macron, her potential rival in 2022. “I am struck to see that there were a lot of chin thrusts and sleeve effects, but few exercises in which the nobility of politics would have returned. To pose options, to discuss them, to implement them while training the French, I did not see that ”. In the various polls, the Head of State however clearly distances the Socialist in the first round, collecting between 25 to 28% of the voting intentions against 6 to 8% for the city councilor of the capital.

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“Convinced that a woman can change the relationship to power”

The mayor of Paris also advocates the arrival of a woman at the Elysee Palace, which would be a first in France. “I am convinced that a woman can change the relationship to power. That would be total disruption ”, she believes. Anne Hidalgo wishes to emphasize “the complexity” that women meet to make themselves heard in politics. “Women politicians of my generation have too often been seen as illegitimate. We had to prove ourselves more than the men. We were reminded of this regularly. We weren’t supposed to embody authority, power, skill. By definition, women did not have strong enough shoulders ”, she laments.

According to the Playbook newsletter of this Wednesday morning, the mayor would also be working “discreetly these days ” the organization of a meeting on July 12 in Villeurbanne. Will be invited “Mayors and local elected representatives from all over France”. Further proof that Anne Hidalgo’s team is well on the road to 2022.


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