Annie Hidalgo, bankruptcy announced

So far, Anne Hidalgo has resisted everything. Delphine Goldsztejn/LE PARISIEN/MAXPPP

INVESTIGATION – The mayor of Paris is in dire straits because the supervision of the capital by the State is getting closer every day. To avoid it, Anne Hidalgo is reneging on her campaign promises one after the other. With extraordinary aplomb.

And if the 50% increase in property tax in Paris was too much of a mistake? Constrained by an abyssal debt and revenues that are not there, the mayor of Paris was forced to renege on her electoral promise not to increase local taxes. Why such a denial, and such a level of increase? It is that hovers over the City its possible placing under guardianship. And that would be an explosion. Raise property taxes, Anne Hidalgo had no other choice. Even if this decision highlights the catastrophic state of the finances of the capital. Gabriel Attal, Minister of Public Accounts, was very clear: “The State cannot remedy the management problems of the City of Paris. There are more civil servants in Paris than in the European Commission.” We have reached the phenomenal figure of more than 50,000 civil servants without really knowing if they are 53,000. or 56,000, as the data differs between sources. As a reminder, they were 40,000 on arrival…

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