Another landscaped courtyard transferred for the use of Baku residents (PHOTOS)

BAKU, Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan

The landscaped courtyard includes houses 5, 5A, 7 and 9 on Azer Aliyev Street and house 2A on Sabit Rahman Street in Nasimi district of Baku, where one thousand people live.

The main goal of the Our Yard project is to maintain Baku courtyards in an ecologically clean and comfortable state, restore green spaces that form the basis of urban ecology, form a healthy lifestyle, and create safe and comfortable living conditions for the population.

The next landscaped courtyard provides opportunities for convenient movement of people with disabilities. In order to create favorable conditions for the development of children of all age groups and effective leisure for young people, various sports facilities have been installed on its territory, a football, chess and children’s playgrounds have been built. In addition, there are five gazebos, benches and garbage cans in the courtyard.

Taking into account the wishes of residents, new elevators, lampposts, video surveillance cameras were installed, the facade, roof and entrances of buildings were completely renovated.

Also, 30 trees have been planted in the courtyard, a green strip has been created on a plot of two thousand square meters.

The implementation of this project is envisaged in all districts of Baku. In this regard, please submit information and recommendations to the Public Association IDEA about the courtyards of the capital in need of improvement.

(Translation: Kamalya Seyidova. Editor: Konstantin Shapiro)

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