Archdiocese of SP rules out punishing Father Julio Lancellotti – 09/22/2022 – Mônica Bergamo

In the last week, the Archdiocese of São Paulo received dozens of requests for punishment and even excommunication from Father Julio Lancellotti. The claims, largely from the faithful, are motivated by the parish priest’s participation as the narrator of the short film “São Marino”, which reinterprets the story of Santa Marina from the LGBTQIA+ perspective.

Despite the offensive, which has been stimulated by Catholic groups on social media, the possibility of a serious sentence being applied against Lancellotti is ruled out by the archdiocese. And, according to people close to the command of the ecclesiastical circumscription, the matter is already treated as closed.

Father Julio Lancellotti himself denies that he shared the interpretation suggested by the film. “I never said the saint was LGBT,” he told the column this week. “My narration is the official narration of the history of Santa Marina”, he added.

Excommunication is considered the most serious punishment within the Catholic Church. It would presume a canonical process of investigation and ratification of the decision by the pope. Although Lancellotti’s participation can be questioned within the institution, the archdiocese’s assessment is that the sanction is not the case.

Last week, the ecclesiastical district published a note criticizing the short film “San Marino”. “The history of Catholic saints must be better known, and cannot be interpreted in the light of ideologies that in no way correspond to the context in which they lived, nor to the values ​​and virtues they witnessed throughout their lives,” he said. A new manifestation on the case is not planned.

Santa Marina was a young motherless girl who, in order to continue living with her father, decided to enter a monastery disguised as a monk. The secret surrounding her gender was only discovered after her death.

“The documentary that will make its interpretations, which are not mine. What I report is her official life. That she, being a woman, assumed the male identity to be a monk, entered the monastery as Marino and only after dead was recognized [mulher]”, said Julio Lancellotti about the case.

“I didn’t say anything other than that. [da história relatada pela Igreja Católica]. What is being broadcast is that ‘a priest narrates the story of a trans saint’. In her time, this nomenclature did not exist and it is difficult to apply it today. There is a concrete fact, which is re-read by certain groups,” she said.


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