Arrested, Daniel Silveira receives R$ 1 million in salaries and quotas; Chamber can release it – 10/24/2021 – Power

The president of the Chamber, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), promised lawmakers that he will put the PTB’s request for federal deputy Daniel Silveira (RJ) to leave prison to the end of November.

On the opposite line, it has been holding for more than three months the vote on the opinions of the House’s Ethics Council recommending the suspension of the parliamentary term, who, even in prison and without participating in sessions, continues to receive salary and quotas for the mandate, such as R$ 111.7 thousand monthly for hiring advisors.

The petition for release requires the suspension of the criminal action against the congressman in the STF (Supreme Federal Court) and was presented to the Chamber by the PTB, a party that announced that it had affiliated the congressman.

The PSL —the party by which Silveira was elected and to which, according to the Chamber’s records, he is still affiliated with— joined on the same day with a request to include the request on the voting agenda.

According to the leader of the PSL bench, Major Vitor Hugo (GO), Lira signed a commitment to put the request to a vote within the constitutional period — within 45 days of receiving the petition. The president of the Chamber did not respond to questions from the sheet.

“I just wanted to inform the plenary that a new request has already been made by the president of the PTB, who is already in the Chamber of Deputies,” said Vitor Hugo on the 14th.

“We have the commitment of President Arthur Lira to guide it within the constitutional deadline, so that the plenary of the Chamber can address the issue. In our view, what exists is an illegality, a flagrant unconstitutionality in this case,” he added .

Silveira was arrested on February 16 on the order of minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the STF, for having published a video on the internet with attacks on court ministers — Moraes, for example, was called by him “Xandão do PCC”.

Three days later, the Chamber ratified the STF decision by 364 votes to 130. The Constitution provides that, if a deputy is arrested, the Chamber will have the final word on the maintenance of the measure.

Silveira is the target of two court inquiries — one investigates anti-democratic acts and the other fake news. Moraes is the rapporteur of both cases, and the arrest order against the deputy Pocketnarista was issued in the investigation into false news.

The PTB had already submitted a petition to Lira in July to stop the criminal action, but the president of the Chamber did not put it to a vote within the constitutional period of 45 days. Roberto Jefferson’s party, then, remade the request on the last 14th.

In private conversations with lawmakers, Moraes said that he sees no legal reason for the PTB’s new request to be submitted to the plenary, as the previous one, in July, ended up missing the deadline. O

that is, if Lira fulfills what she promised to the parliamentarians, any decision favorable to Silveira may be challenged in the STF.

About a month after the Chamber ratified the STF’s decision, Moraes allowed Silveira to go under house arrest, with an electronic ankle bracelet. However, on June 24, he again ordered the imprisonment of the congressman in a closed regime.

At the time, the PGR (Attorney General’s Office) pointed out more than 30 violations of the electronic ankle bracelet that Silveira had been forced to wear since leaving prison.

Also in June, the Ethics Council of the Chamber approved a two-month term suspension. In July, it approved suspension for six months (there is doubt about whether the sentences would be cumulative or not).

For real, however, these opinions need to be ratified by the plenary of the Chamber, but Lira has not put them to a vote so far.

“This delay [na votação] it can give the impression of corporatism, which is not good for the Chamber,” said Alexandre Leite (DEM-SP), rapporteur at the Ethics Council in one of the cases.

Throughout this period, Silveira continues to receive the parliamentary salary and the funds related to the mandate.

From March to September, he received R$135 thousand net of salary and bonus, R$729 thousand for hiring advisers (he employed one last month) and R$153 thousand as a quota for spending on parliamentary activities, in a total amount of R$ 1 million.

In the latter case, the congressman declared R$ 24.7 thousand spent on fuel and R$ 56,500 for “disclosure of parliamentary activity”, among others. Quota funds can be used by your cabinet team in Brasília and Rio de Janeiro.

In addition to the offensive in parliament, Silveira tries to get out of prison directly in court. On Friday (22) his defense filed a request for the revocation of the prison under the argument, among others, that the congressman needs to undergo treatment on his knee.

“If nothing is done immediately, Daniel Lúcio da Silveira will suffer irreversible losses in his knee. Noble rapporteur, the damage suffered by the imprisoned federal congressman, in addition to that of a moral nature, was not limited to it, exceeding the limits of health, causing very serious damage and leaving irreversible consequences. For these reasons, and given the gravity of the situation, the urgent measure that is required is the immediate revocation of the preventive detention of Daniel Silveira,” wrote the defense.

In February, during the vote that confirmed the STF’s decision, Silveira apologized to the Brazilian population, saying that he exceeded himself in the heat of the moment and denied that he was a risk to democracy.

“I change my name if no deputy or senator in the history of Parliament has been mistaken and wrong, or has gone to councils, perhaps for more serious facts, and has repented and been forgiven, interpreted, understood,” he said.


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