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The seller Renan Augusto Gomes, 35, was arrested around 9 am this Thursday (22) in São Paulo on suspicion of scamming at least seven women through dating apps. He had been on the run since December 30 and was detained in the north zone after a chase.

Investigations by the Civil Police, in partnership with the Criminal Prosecutor’s Office for the ABC region, indicate that the suspect had been active on the internet since 2012 and that he applied scams throughout the state of São Paulo.

Gomes denies the allegations, according to his lawyer, Emerson Martins. He stated that his client had not yet presented himself to the police, despite being on the run, claiming to be innocent.

The seller began to be investigated after obtaining R$ 150 thousand from a teacher, with whom he had a relationship for about four months, in 2021, according to the case process.

The victim, according to the police, was suspicious of Gomes’ constant exchange of telephone numbers, after she lent him the money. He didn’t answer her or look for her anymore.

The fact that he maintains profiles on social dating networks further increased the woman’s doubts, who filed a police report at a police station in São Bernardo do Campo, ABC, realizing that she would not be able to recover the amount.

A police investigation of embezzlement was initiated by Deic (Specialized Division of Criminal Investigations) of the metropolitan region, which led to the opening of a process, made by the Public Ministry. The arrest of Gomes was decreed by the Justice on December 30.

“The ruse he uses for his coups is precisely the manipulation of feelings” said criminal prosecutor Érika Pucci, in an interview this Thursday afternoon. So far, seven victims, aged between 34 and 40, have been identified.

The values ​​obtained with the scams range from R$1,100 to R$150,000.

“I’m sure there are other victims. He was still active on social media. [de namoro]even on the run, including co-opting new victims”, said the prosecutor. A possible eighth victim would be heard by the police later this Thursday.

In the description of his profile on Tinder, Gomes claims to live alone in Jardins, an upscale region of São Paulo, without children. “I’ve been single for a year, I joined the app looking for a serious relationship, if you’re looking for sex or fun, please skip my profile,” says an excerpt from the presentation.

The dating app had not positioned itself until the publication of this report.

The suspect, according to the police, used this false presentation to approach the victims, including visiting their social and family circles, gaining confidence to act.

After that, he mentioned emergencies, for which he asked women for values. “As a rule, he either said he fell into the fine mesh of the Federal Revenue Service, needing to pay a fine to unblock his accounts, or pay off a vehicle or even to buy medication,” said the prosecutor. The suspect also proposed business partnerships, which never happened.


The São Bernardo do Campo police had been monitoring Gomes’ routine for a few days in the northern part of São Paulo. It was observed that he slept at different addresses each day.

In the early hours of this Thursday, a bell was set up in front of the property where he was, in Pirituba. Upon being approached, as he was leaving the garage with his car, the salesman accelerated and was pursued by the police.

According to delegate Miguel Ferreira da Silva, owner of Deic de São Bernardo, the seller even invaded a shopping mall parking lot during the escape. “The driver of the vehicle realized that there were conditions to hit him in the rear. [suspeito], who ended up losing control of the car and crashing into a tree. Even after the accident, he tried to run away, stating that he would not turn himself in,” he said.

The moment the police car collides with the suspect’s vehicle was recorded on video by a cell phone (see below).

The police also identified that the suspect constantly changed his phone number, in addition to using false names on social networks, to continue to apply his scams.

The suspect would be taken to a Provisional Detention Center in the region later this Thursday, according to police. His defense stated that he would file a new habeas corpus request, with the intention that he respond to the case in freedom.

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