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The wife of the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), won a state post in Brasília from one of the governors closest to President Jair Bolsonaro.

Angela Maria Gomes de Almeida Lira was appointed in July by the governor of Roraima, Antonio Denarium, as assistant secretary of the State Representation in the Federal District, with a monthly net salary of R$14,000.

According to the state government, the ministry has the attribution of dialogue with the different institutions with which the government interacts in the federal capital.

Denarium, ex-PSL and today without a party, is one of the few allied governors of Bolsonaro, having even participated in coup-based acts on the 7th of September.

Elected this year to head the Chamber with the support of the president, Lira has in recent months barred the examination of more than one hundred impeachment requests against Bolsonaro. It is up to him to decide on the possible opening of the removal process to be analyzed by the House.

Lira’s wife has even been involved in a court indictment against her husband at the Alagoas Assembly, on suspicion of being a phantom employee.

In the Government of Roraima, Angela Lira, 43, has as immediate superior a supporter of Bolsonaro, Gerlane Baccarin, secretary in charge of the State Representation portfolio.

Candidate defeated in the municipal election of Boa Vista in 2020 by the PP, Baccarin is the wife of federal deputy Hiran Gonçalves, of the same party. Gonçalves, also a pocket scientist, is a friend of Lira.

Angela Lira’s nomination was disclosed by the Roraima em Tempo website. THE sheet questioned the state government about the assistant secretary’s qualifications for the position and her links to the state.

The answer was that she is an “experienced administrator, having already worked for several institutions such as Banco do Nordeste and the Legislative Assembly of Alagoas, in addition to having excellent traffic in Brasília”.

The passage of Lira’s wife in the 2000s to the Assembly of Alagoas, however, involves her in one of the husband’s main disputes.

In testimony within the scope of the Federal Police’s Operation Taturana, about deviations in the Assembly of Alagoas, Angela stated that she was included by him on the payroll of the state Legislature, without actually performing a job.

Lira was state deputy from 1999 to 2011, when he took office in Congress. Angela’s testimony appears in one of the misconduct actions against Lira arising from Operation Taturana.

Prosecutors wrote: “Lira also provided the inclusion on the ALE/AL personnel payroll of employees who had never actually worked, as is the case with his girlfriend Angela.”

An excerpt of the piece transcribes the testimony taken by the Federal Police of the deputy’s wife, in which she said that she was appointed in 2006, with a salary of R$3,000 a month. “Due to her romantic relationship, she was included in the ALE/AL payroll; she never actually performed any function at ALE/AL”.

She also stated: “She never declared her income to the IRS, as she had no income;
ALE/AL never deducted IR (Income Tax) or INSS from its remuneration; That only in January 2008 began to be deducted IR and INSS.”

At the time of the outbreak of the investigation, the Justice of Alagoas came to determine the removal of all the nominees of the House, since the Constitution of 1988, who had not taken a competitive examination and whose acts were not published in the Official Gazette.

Lira, who was a member of the Board of Directors of the House, was also removed from the Assembly of Alagoas, with other colleagues, by court decision at that time.

The misconduct that mentions Angela’s appointment was rejected in the first instance in April of this year, but there has been no final decision yet.

The president of the Chamber is condemned in two other actions of misconduct arising from the case of the Assembly, in which he is appealing.

The report sought Lira’s advisors since last week to comment on the matter, but received no response. The deputy has denied the accusations arising from Operation Taturana. In a criminal action arising from this investigation, he argued that the investigation was null and void.

When questioned by the report, the Government of Roraima stated that “Angela Maria has no convictions in her public life history.”

He also stated that nominations for the first echelon “meet technical criteria related to the need for the secretariat, autarchy or presidency in question.”

Angela Maria also has a stake in Lira’s rural private businesses. She is listed as “administrator” of the company D’Lira Agropecuária e Eventos, which belongs to the deputy and his father, also a politician Benedito de Lira.

In charge of the Chamber since February, Lira has shown no signs of starting the impeachment process.

After the acts of September 7, for example, he did not mention this possibility and made a speech for appeasement.

So far, Lira hasn’t made any decisions about the requests for removal—neither rejection nor acceptance. He also doesn’t have a deadline for making these dispatches.

In the Chamber, the deputy has tried to prioritize, among other projects, an agenda sympathetic to his political group, such as the proposals already approved for the new Electoral Code and for changes in the Impropriety Law, sent to the Senate.


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