As ‘beggars of good football’, we want more games like the Super Cup – 04/12/2021 – Renata Mendonça

Throughout history, Brazilian football has produced so many charming teams and spectacular players that we get used to thinking that, forever, the best would be here.

Santos de Pelé, Botafogo de Garrincha, Cruzeiro de Tostão, Flamengo de Zico, São Paulo de Telê, Palmeiras de Luxemburgo (1993, not 2020), Corinthians 2000, Atlético-MG by Ronaldinho Gaúcho…

Not to mention the Brazilian team, a true inspiration for a term that would be used throughout the world as a reference for well-played football. The “beautiful game” or “beautiful game” became popular to describe the feat of the 1970 selection at the Mexico World Cup, when Brazil was three times champion and, more than that, enchanted the planet.

If, on the one hand, we never lacked talent to produce the best football, on the other hand we always try to do everything to undermine it.

That’s how, every year, we try to squeeze 80 (or so) games into an impractical calendar for the main teams in the country – while the smaller teams are left with no calendar for most of the year.

So we also become the country that only accepts to win, without understanding that each victory (and each title) is a process. In this excessively resultant culture, combined with the amateurism of the leaders and the often empty / superficial debate in the press, coaches are fired all the time, with no time for any evolution of the game.

And it is in the midst of all this pressure that we often run over the process of training players – and then we also lose talent.

These are some of the factors that, for me, help to explain why watching quality games of Flamengo x Palmeiras in the Super Cup became a rarity in Brazilian football. For our potential, games like this should be the rule, not the exception.

The financial factor (which made Europe the center of world football and Brazil the greatest exporter of talent) is the only one that is not within our reach to change. All the others are.

26 years ago, the brilliant writer Eduardo Galeano, in an interview with leaf, proclaimed himself a “beggar of good football”.

“Now I am a beggar for good football. I go with the hat in my hand, begging: ‘give me a good move for the love of God!’. I don’t care about the team or the country that offers me this miracle of playing good football, ”he said in February 1995.

Who am I in the bread line to beg next to Eduardo Galeano, but if your memory allows me to quote that, I feel very represented by her.

There is no demerit for Palmeiras by being the Libertadores champion playing badly in the decision – Flamengo 2019, also, was also champion making a bad game in the final and turning in the last minutes.

But it is so much better when the teams involved deliver a show like the one Flamengo and Palmeiras delivered on Sunday.

A game that showed that the goalkeeper’s departure with a kick can also generate an opponent’s goal, as happened in Raphael Veiga’s painting. He also proved that having stars in the squad can make all the difference, as happened in Arrascaeta’s precise pass for Filipe Luís’ play that resulted in Gabriel’s goal.

He showed that you can play well in possession of the ball or on the counterattack, as was clear after the beautiful pass from Danilo to Rony in the penalty committed by Rodrigo Caio. Weverton and Diego Alves confirmed the cliché that “every good team starts with a good goalkeeper”.

Anyway, to the beggars of good football, this game was a full plate. We are thirsty for more.

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