Asir water treatment plants exceed 5 regions combined

The amount of treated sewage water in 2020 in the Kingdom’s regions amounted to 1,863,468.445 billion m3, while the number of wastewater treatment plants reached 116, and the city of Riyadh topped the most treated quantity with 537.758 million m3, and Asir topped the most treatment plants with 19 treatment plants, which exceeded The stations of 5 combined regions represented in: the governorates of Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Al-Jawf, Najran, Hail, and the Northern Borders.

treated water

The statistics of the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Water revealed the total treated sewage water, which amounted to 1,863,468,445 billion m 3, where the city of Riyadh acquired the most treated amount with 537.758 million m 3, and the Holy Capital, Jeddah and Taif came second with 455,935 million m 3, and Sharqiya came third with 437. 919 million m³, Madinah fourth with 106,094 million m³, and Qassim fifth with 81.476 million m³.


Statistics showed that Al-Baha issued the least amount of treated sewage water with 935,495 thousand m³, Najran came second with 5.346 million m³, the northern border third with 8.246 million m³, Al-Jawf fourth with 17,256 million m³, and Jizan fifth with 24,690 million m³.

most and least

The Asir region acquired the most wastewater treatment plants with 19 treatment plants, followed by Al Sharqiya with 17. The governorates of Riyadh and Jazan were equal with 14 plants each, and Al Baha 9 plants, while the remaining governorates of Makkah Al Mukarramah region topped the least treated plants with one treatment plant, followed by Al Jawf second with two plants. Najran, Hail, and the border with 3 stations each.

1.8 billion treated wastewater

116 treatment plants in the Kingdom’s regions

The city of Riyadh is the most processed quantity

Asir stations are more than 5 regions combined

Makkah governorates are the least treated stations

Most processed:

Riyadh: 537.758 million m³

The Holy Capital, Jeddah and Taif: 455.935 million m³

Eastern: 437.919 million m³

Medina: 106.094 million m³

Qassim: 81.476 million m³

least processed:

Al Baha: 935,495 thousand m³

Najran: 5.346 million m³

Northern border: 8.246 million m³

Al-Jawf: 17.256 million m³

Jizan: 24.690 million m³

Most processing plants:

Aseer: 19

Eastern: 17

Riyadh: 14

Jizan: 14

Patio: 9

least processing plants:

The remaining governorates of the Makkah region: 1

Hollow: 2

Najran: 3

Hail: 3

Northern Border: 3

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