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How is your health? Do you consider yourself a healthy person? It’s a not so easy answer to give, but astrology can help. Habits, health care and food routine appear in the 6th house of each person’s birth chart, that is, it helps us understand what each sign’s routine and food is like.

The 6th house can even reveal which are the most common health problems of each sign (see yours here), with this, astrology serves as a tool for self-knowledge and can encourage you to make new (and better) choices. Next, astrologer Vanessa Tuleski tells you about the routine and diet of each sign, and what you can focus on to have a healthier life.


You can see that your birth chart (make yours here for free) has a mandala divided into 12 parts. See which sign your 6th house starts with.

Now, see what the sign you have in the 6th house means. To understand more deeply, also see if you have planets in this house and read your complete birth chart.

Aries in the 6th house: With enough vitality, you can be in a lot of haste and impatience in everyday life. He’s one of those people who gets bored if he ends up having a routine. Because he likes jobs with intense routines and without depending on other people, he needs to be careful not to overload himself. They may suffer from migraines and insomnia.

Taurus in the 6th house: He likes to have daily predictability, he can even eat the same thing for days or always order food in the same restaurants. His day-to-day has a different pace, but it’s slow, and that’s why he doesn’t like pressure. You need to take care of your throat, voice and unhealthy eating routines.

Gemini in the 6th house: They tend to be creative in their daily lives and work routines, but at the same time, they are fast-thinking. You need to be careful with insomnia and anxiety. In health, the lungs ask for attention. So the smoking habit can be much worse.

Cancer in the 6th house: You tend to be very devoted and committed to work and routine. He has a great sensitivity, so he can suffer from emotional and family problems. Any issue with a father or mother can be discounted in health or food, generating bulimia and anorexia, for example.

Leo in the 6th house: Probably needs expression in everyday life and therefore may have a great need for recognition. If you can’t put your creativity into everyday life, you can get sick. Your habits may have many excesses. Beware of heart-damaging foods and work overload.

Virgo in the 6th house: Tends to be a person very connected to food, organization and details. May like to put rules into habits, such as eating and sleeping. Perfectionism can end up creating illnesses with an emotional background. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the intestines, liver, pancreas and gallbladder.

Libra in the 6th house: They are people who usually eat sugar every day and do not enjoy sports activities much, because they prefer comfort, although they are very concerned about aesthetics and beauty. Exercises done in partnership can please.

Scorpio in the 6th house: Scorpios in the 6th house may have trouble creating routines, or worse, they may create destructive routines, such as getting too little sleep, smoking, or obsessing over work. At the same time, they are people with great predisposition for super transformations in the health area.

Sagittarius in the 6th house: You may not have moderation at work and end up accumulating many projects or clients. With this, you can have problems that manifest themselves by excess. You need to try to learn to guide your enthusiasm towards good habits. The tip is to pay attention not to overload yourself on a daily basis.

Capricorn in the 6th house: She tends to be an extremely responsible and demanding person with herself. Therefore, you need to learn to understand your limits and avoid very rigid workplaces. You should also learn to put more leisure into your daily life so you don’t get completely focused on work and routine.

Aquarius in the 6th house: You can focus so much on your mental routine that you forget about your physical body. He doesn’t usually take pleasure in working on something very repetitive and without freedom. It is necessary to invest in space, outdoors and sports that help to have contact with the body and remove excess energy from the mental plane.

Pisces in the 6th house: It can be very distracting on a daily basis. He is often hypersensitive to substances such as alcohol, drugs and anesthesia. Being able to maintain a good sleep routine is great because people with Pisces in the 6th usually recharge their energies by sleeping.

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