at least 2.3 billion euros per year needed, according to a report

Buildings, water, energy or transport networks, preparation of coastal or mountain areas, studies on health impacts: at least 2.3 billion euros of additional funding is needed per year for the adaptation of France to climate change, according to a study.

«For the moment we are not ready and in particular in terms of financingadaptation measures, notes Benoît Leguet, managing director of the think tank Institute for Climate Economics (I4CE), which produced this report ( -climatic-france). The adjustment “in general, it is forgotten, and the financing passes in the same way to the second plan“, he regretted during a presentation. Because if “it’s good to have climate objectives, it’s even better if these objectives are accompanied by a financing plan to support the actors who will make this transition».

High-level inter-ministerial portage

The study defines 18 measures, broken down into three major chapters: funding of posts forimprove the facilitation and management of the adaptation policy», for a total amount of 250 million euros; strengthen the services already contributing to adaptation (weather, civil protection, etc.), for 540 million euros; dedicated funding for projectsalready ripe», in particular on infrastructure networks or housing, for a total of 1.5 billion euros.

That is “at least 2.3 billion euros per additional year which can be mobilized from the next finance bill“, insists the report. “In the short term, it is necessary to ensure that the subject of adaptation benefits from high-level interministerial support“, if possible in Matignon, and human and financial resources, notes Morgane Nicol, one of the authors.

Public Health Exploratory Program

Some of the investments will be used to deal with a “increased risk» already existing, such as the geographical and seasonal extension of forest fires, which will require more funds for the emergency services to maintain the same level of efficiency, note the authors. Their 18 proposals range from relatively modest budgets, such as a “national exploratory public health program to anticipate and prevent climate risks“, quantified at 2.5 million euros, to envelopes of hundreds of millions.

A “annual budget to support the extension of good adaptation practices in the city” is thus valued at 500 million euros, as are the additional costs in future constructions “teaching and research buildings“. Because it matters thatthe new investments are adapted, in particular the decisions which commit future amounts much larger than these 2.3 billionEuros, insists another of the authors, Vivian Dépoues.

But this forward-looking vision aimed at “more structural transformationswill have to be the subject of debates making it possible topolitical priorities and trade-offs“, on the “robustness levels» required infrastructure, for example, or major socio-economic systems, agriculture or tourism, for example.

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