At the Bygmalion trial, Copé and the “parallel corridors”

The UMP secretary general during the 2012 campaign denies having been made aware of fraudulent billing practices.

“There were two parallel corridors. On one side the party and on the other, the campaign team. “ It was in 2012. Nicolas Sarkozy was the candidate of the UMP (now LR) in the presidential election, and Jean-François Copé, who answers the questions of the court as a witness, was the secretary general of the training. “I had a very collective conception” management, he explains. Especially in the intellectual and political field: he wanted “Ideas abound”.

In terms of stewardship, his conception was more selective: “I didn’t sign a check, I didn’t see an invoice.” It is well known that ideas are priceless. The campaign of the outgoing president? “I had neither the will nor the possibility to take care of the meetings, he continues. I happened to attend a few meetings, even take the microphone. But in the room, not on the platform, to let the candidate shine. “

“I was kept away”

May 2014. Release reveals the Bygmalion scandal: exceeding the legal ceiling

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