Auditors are developing new services to support the recovery

The auditors propose to provide companies with certificates to create trust between companies, their suppliers and banks at the time of economic recovery, their national chamber said on Tuesday.

The auditors play a role of certifiers for companies, beyond certain thresholds which have been raised with the Pacte law of 2019. But this law also authorizes them to provide services and certificates outside of these legal missions. .

After consultations with the Medef, the chambers of commerce and industry or the Banque de France, the National Chamber of Auditors (CNCC) has thus defined four types of certificates that its members can establish for companies, according to a statement. They will focus on the sincerity of the elements declared by companies to obtain financing, on diagnoses of their financial situation, on the conformity of the use made of the loans granted or on the ability of a borrower to repay his debts, specifies the CNCC.

SMEs as a target

Today “the question arises of the most effective modalities for a rapid recovery of the economy” in which “the dimension of trust“Between economic actors is very important, explained to AFP Yannick Ollivier, president of the CNCC. When activity picks up, companies will have greater working capital needs and their relations with suppliers will also have to be secure in order to allow them to take advantage of the recovery.

With regard to their partners, the certificates may also allow “extract the exceptional nature of the 2020 accounts“, An atypical year due to the health crisis, while highlighting”elements on the viability of the post-Covid company», Detailed Mr. Ollivier. Auditors target SMEs rather than larger companies, which are required to certify their accounts.

They hope that the new services they offer will help the government distribute equity loans intended to strengthen companies’ equity, or even better allocate funds dedicated to the green economy or digitization, according to Mr. Ollivier. . “The government needs to know if the company is going to be viable and also if it will keep its commitments», He emphasizes.


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