Australia has some ‘big questions’ to be answered on COVID strategy

Labor MP Peter Khalil says there are some “big questions” which need to be answered as a nation surrounding whether Australian is going for a suppression or elimination strategy when in comes to COVID-19.

“As a nation, nationally, as well as the states and territories, we have to have this conversation,” he said.

“Are we as a nation going for an elimination strategy or suppression, what is it exactly?

“If it is elimination, we really need to think about this because most of the other parts of the world that have had second, third, fourth waves of COVID-19 and have very high vaccination rates coming out of that space.

“It leaves us in an a very, very vulnerable position because we haven’t had that vaccine rollout, we’re only at about 10 percent or 11 per cent, 12 per cent now.

“These are big questions I think we have to answer as a nation”.


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