Australian swimmer breaks record for most English Channel crossings

Australian swimmer Chloe McCardel has been crowned Queen of the English Channel, breaking the world record for the most amount of swims done across the 34-kilometre stretch after she swam across for the 44th time.

Ms McCardel said it was “such a great day”.

“The conditions definitely were better than average, so I think the universe or the gods were shining on me and said, ‘let this woman have just a nicer crossing just to finish off her career’,” she told Sky News Australia.

She said the English Channel is where all the best open water swimmers have gone to test themselves.

“So if you want to put your name on the world stage, if you’re a master swimmer and want to achieve something great, it’s where you really need to go,” she said.

“And I’ve loved pushing my boundaries here for over 12 years … but I didn’t have that overall title and now I have that, which is so sweet.”


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