Australian Zoo Challenges Boas with New Snake Maze

A Melbourne Zoo has found a novel way to keep its four Dumeril’s boas fit and healthy by adding a puzzling snake maze to their enclosure, footage released by Werribee Open Range Zoo on November 8 shows. The maze had “two entrance holes, nine chambers, and plenty of dead ends to test the snakes’ problem-solving abilities,” the zoo said. The zoo said the maze had to be designed to fit its 21-year-old female, Madda, who is over 180 cm long and 25 cm in girth. Zookeeper Malinda Delahant said all four boas responded well to the maze. “We’ve seen a lot of tongue flicking, which shows us that the snakes are super stimulated,” she said. Credit: Werribee Open Range Zoo via Storyful


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