Authorities’ failure to provide hospitals with oxygen is called “genocide” by court in India

The High Court of Allahabad in India believes that the lack of medical oxygen in hospitals, which has led to numerous deaths of patients with coronavirus infection, is a crime of local authorities, comparable to genocide. As the TV channel N-di-ti-wee reported on Wednesday, the collegium of the high court of this city (in 2018 the city of Allahabad was renamed to Prayagraj, but the high court retained its name), against the backdrop of a great public outcry, adopted a resolution to start a trial on deaths associated with a lack of oxygen in medical facilities.

“The death of patients with coronavirus only due to a lack of oxygen supply to hospitals is a criminal act, no less than genocide, on the part of those tasked with ensuring the continuous procurement and supply chain of liquid medical oxygen,” the TV channel quotes the opinion of the judges of Allahabad.

“How can we let our people die in this way, when science has advanced so much that heart transplants and brain surgeries are being performed these days?” – ask the question of the judge.

Earlier on April 22, the Delhi High Court called on the country’s government to “beg, borrow, steal, import” oxygen, but “find a way to help citizens breathe.”


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