Authority Ogonyok is starving in Matrosskaya Tishina because of the status of a thief in law

Prisoner Alexander Okunev, known in certain circles as Ogonyok, is on hunger strike for 41 days in Matrosskaya Tishina. The man protests against the fact that the investigation considers him a “thief in law”, imputing a new article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation on leadership in an organized criminal community.

Okunev wrote dozens of appeals to the heads of law enforcement agencies, assuring them that he had nothing to do with the modern underworld. Meanwhile, law enforcement officers insist: the “authorities” have agreed among themselves that a public renunciation of the thief’s status is no longer a reason for its deprivation.

58-year-old Alexander Okunev weighs 51 kg, although in the wild, as he says, his weight was about 80 kg. He has been on hunger strike since April 25. All this time he drinks only water or tea without sugar. He looks very emaciated, it seems that the skin is stretched directly over the skeleton. On the “authority”, whose pictures can be found on the Internet, does not look like at all.

For your information, Okunev’s criminal past is impressive: he was convicted 10 times, crowned in the legendary “Vladimirsky Central” by well-known personalities in these circles, including Osetrina (Eduard Asatryan).

In November 2018, he was detained for drugs. But, as soon as he received a term for them, the court appointed 10 months in prison: he was charged with another 210.1 article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Occupying the highest position in the criminal hierarchy.”

The case, according to our information, will soon be brought to court. All the time while Okunev was in the pre-trial detention center, he wrote complaints, which, as he believes, did not go beyond the confines of the detention center.

In fact, Ogonyok only wrote to me as a member of the POC of Moscow at least 5 appeals (showed copies). None of them got through. He went on a hunger strike both in protest against the actions of the SIZO officers, who “do not release” his complaints, and against the investigation.

– I will not end the hunger strike, – said Okunev. – You don’t even have to try to persuade me. Back in 2005, there was a “run-through” for me that I was no longer a thief in law. Law enforcement officers are well aware of this.

In 2009, I pleaded guilty to the crime incriminated to me in court, which a “thief” has no right to do. I admitted my guilt in 2018, when the drugs were planted, – by this I showed that I was tired of fighting with them, I agree for a term. I wrote an appeal addressed to the Minister of Internal Affairs, where I stated that I would not be a “thief”, I did not occupy any position in the criminal hierarchy. But I’m not sure if my letter got through. Here is a copy of it. After that, I wrote several more appeals, including to the director of the Federal Penitentiary Service, because according to the operational data of the prison department, I am a “thief”. There I explain why this is not so.

When I sent a complaint to the prosecutor’s office at the end of last year, several prisoners were put on my side. Perhaps all this was done to discredit me, to provoke some kind of mass disobedience. And then the supervisory authorities would not check anything. But I do not call anyone to anything, I do not want any problems either for myself or for anyone at all.

Okunev shows dozens of complaints written by him with his own hand (“thieves”, in theory, cannot write appeals), as one more proof that he “tied” with the past.

“Recently, I worked as a commandant in a parking lot in the north-east of Moscow, received 20-30 thousand rubles,” he assures. – I am legally married with two children. That is, I have nothing that fits the concept of “thief”.

According to MK, Okunev has been charged with leadership in an organized criminal group since 1999. The accusation is based mainly on the testimony of law enforcement officers and secret witnesses. According to them, he participated in gatherings held in Tuapse, Sochi, Engels.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28553 dated June 7, 2021

Newspaper headline:
Sasha-light goes on hunger strike against his criminal status


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