Babá goes back and confirms to the police aggressions from Dr. Jairinho to the boy Henry, 4 – 04/13/2021 – Daily life

In a new testimony to the police, nanny Thayná Ferreira, 25, went back and said that the boy Henry Borel, 4, was assaulted at home by his mother’s boyfriend, councilor Jairo Souza Santos Júnior, Dr. Jairinho (removed from Solidariedade ).

In the first testimony, Thayná said that she never noticed anything abnormal in the relationship between the couple and the boy. The police found, however, that a month before the child’s death she exchanged messages with Henry’s mother, teacher Monique Medeiros, about assaults that took place in the apartment where the family lived, in Barra da Tijuca.

In the second testimony, which began in the middle of the afternoon on Monday (12) and progressed until the early hours of Tuesday (13), the nanny reportedly reported, according to Jornal da Globo, two episodes of aggression by his stepfather against Henry.

She also told police officers that the version of her first statement was agreed with the former bosses. She accepted for fear of retaliation. In addition, she would have been instructed by Monique to delete the exchange of messages by cell phone.

Thainá arrived and left the 16th DP, in Barra da Tijuca, west of Rio, with his face covered by a coat.

The nanny and cleaning lady Leila Rosângela Mattos, 57, met with Dr. Jairinho’s lawyer a few days before giving testimony to the police. They themselves said that the councilor’s sister asked them to go to André França Barreto’s office on March 18.

The defense claims that the nanny was instructed to tell the truth and report what she had witnessed, ethically and legally, and that there is no evidence that the testimonies were influenced.

The Justice of Rio de Janeiro denied in this second request for habeas corpus for the defense of councilor and teacher Monique Medeiros, mother of the boy Henry Borel, 4.

The two were temporarily arrested on Thursday (8), on suspicion of Henry’s qualified homicide, after a court decision favorable to the representation filed by the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro. The agency asked for a 30-day prison sentence, as the crime is considered heinous.

Report on the reproduction of the boy’s death Henry points out that the boy had already been dead for at least an hour when he was removed by his mother and stepfather from the apartment where he lived. The conclusion of the experts came from the images of the elevator, which mark 4h09min on March 8th.

A leaf he had access to a photo from the video, which shows the child in pajamas, wrapped in a blanket on his mother’s lap, with his eyes rolled and pale. Next to Professor Monique is Dr. Jairinho, with a bag in his hands.


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