Baghdad announces thwarting a new attempt to target Balad Air Base

The Iraqi authorities announced, on Friday, the seizure of four platforms and Katyusha missiles that were intended to target the Balad air base, which houses American contractors, and it was subjected to a missile attack yesterday.

The Security Media Cell said in a statement that “the Federal Intelligence and Investigation Agency’s detachments in the Ministry of Interior were able to seize four Katyusha rockets with four platforms hidden in one of the orchards in the Zanbour area in Diyala Governorate.”

The statement added that the missiles were prepared to target Balad Air Base in Salah al-Din Governorate.

The base, located about 85 km north of Baghdad, was attacked by Katyusha rockets on Wednesday night, a security source told AFP.

The source explained that “three missiles landed outside the base” in a nearby village, while two landed “near the headquarters of the American company specialized in maintaining aircraft” included in the base, and no injuries or damage were recorded.

Less than an hour after the bombing of the Balad base, the Victoria base, which includes US military personnel at Baghdad airport, was attacked by three drones, one of which was shot down, according to the Iraqi army in a statement Thursday.

The attack on Baghdad airport is the fourth in Iraq with a booby-trapped drone, but this is the first time that this new offensive technology has been used in the Iraqi capital.

Experts attribute this technique to the armed factions loyal to Iran in Iraq, and is similar to the attacks launched by the Houthi rebels in Yemen, loyal to Iran, against Saudi Arabia.

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