Baltimore police union criticizes mayor over cop shortage, gun violence

A Baltimore police union is criticizing Mayor Brandon M. Scott over the city’s shortage of police officers amid the recent deadly violence.

“Over the last 9 days, there have been 16 homicides and 32 separate shootings in Baltimore,” the Baltimore City Lodge No. 3 Fraternal Order of Police tweeted Monday. “[The Baltimore Police Department] is 500 officers short and there is absolutely no urgency by [Mr. Scott] and the City to address the problem!”

FOP Lodge President Michael Mancuso told The Washington Times last month that nearly 300 officers had quit the force since last year.

Meanwhile, Mr. Scott, a Democrat, has been defending his recent push for a $28 million increase for the police department after the City Council cut $22.4 million from the law enforcement budget last year.

The budget boost, however, is not enough to “keep officers from staying in the BPD or [coming] here as a new recruit,” Mr. Mancuso said earlier this month.

“Working conditions are deplorable, and nothing in the budget addresses those issues, either,” Mr. Mancuso said. “So, in the end, the Baltimore Police Department will continue to lose cops and the violence will rage on in Baltimore due to lack of police and poor leadership at the top.”

The Baltimore Police Department has nearly 3,100 civilian and sworn employees tasked with law enforcement of more than 609,000 residents, according to U.S. Census Bureau data.

Mr. Scott did not immediately respond to an email request for comment Monday.

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