Bárbara Melo explains Avaí Kindermann’s rise in Brasileirão and projects ranking

Current Brazilian female runner-up, Avaí Kindermann started the current edition of the competition badly, even staying in the relegation zone, but in the last five matches they won four and is already in the classification zone for the quarterfinals of the competition. One of the team’s highlights is Bárbara Melo, who spoke about the team’s improvement.

“Since when there were complications with our president, the team was very stirred up, in addition to other internal things that were being taken to the field and this was interfering a lot. I think now we’ve put our heads in the right place and the only thing we’ve decided is to do our best”, commented the player.

Photo: Publicity/Avaí Kindermann

Bárbara Melo started in all 13 matches of the competition and the team is in eighth place with 20 points, five more than Flamengo, the first team outside the classification zone. There are only two rounds to the end of the first phase.

“We will continue to work hard for these last two games and God willing to qualify in a good position. Avaí Kindermann is big and has to be among the best in Brazil always, always looking for the title of all competitions they compete in”, he pointed out.

Barbara is 21 years old and is in her second season at the Santa Catarina club. The player also played at União Desportiva, Ferroviária and Vitória.

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