Barin Biden doesn’t like us: Zelensky publicly humiliated himself

Barin Biden does not love us, does not protect us, does not caress us, but as soon as he beckons us with a finger, we will fly to him on the wings of adoration – the content of Vladimir Zelensky’s interview comes down to this simple thesis, which the American news portal Axios published, including practically uncorrected seven-page transcript.

In the preamble to the interview, Americans who do not choose expressions so announced the hour they spent communicating with the president of Ukraine through a zoom: “Zelensky used the interview to beg Biden to meet him face to face before his summit with the Russian president on June 16 – expressing willingness to join him “at any moment, anywhere in the world.”

Yes, yes, exactly “to beg”. I checked the dictionary on purpose. The English word “beseech” used in the original is not open to any other interpretation. Actually, that says it all. The remaining seven pages of the transcript may not be read – or, if read, only for perverse pleasure.

Question: “What signal does the fact that Biden will meet with Putin before he meets with you send?”

Answer: “(Pause) I think this is … (pause) I think this is not a signal, this is … (pause) Basically this is an answer and a geopolitical vision: there are ’empires’, there are the great powers of the world, and there is everyone else.” … It was formulated with tongue-tied language completely unusual for Vladimir Zelensky, but in principle it is quite understandable. The Ukrainian president suddenly realized that in Biden’s eyes he was just one of “all the rest.”

Zelensky’s communication with American journalists most of all resembles not an interview with a statesman, but the bitter cry of a rejected lover, whose mood changes radically several times even during the conversation. Sometimes this “rejected lover” with some masochistic pleasure delves into the details of his humiliation – the US decision to abandon attempts to “kill” Nord Stream 2: “I used the word“ surprised ”several times because I was surprised several times … Apart from the surprise caused by the decision itself, the second surprise was that I learned about this decision from the media. I feel like …. well, the relationship between strategic partners should be straightforward. “

Question: “How did they explain this decision to you after they did it?” Answer: “This was actually the third time I was surprised. I learned about it, as perhaps everyone else, from the briefing. I think this was the first briefing by the US President’s press secretary. However, I clearly remember the signal that was conveyed with the help of this briefing: Nord Stream 2 is 95% completed and therefore it is very difficult to stop construction at this stage. ”

Do you feel sorry for the “boy Vovochka” who was offended not once, but three times?

However, there is no need to rush to console him. Like many rejected lovers, Zelenskiy finds solace in self-hypnosis and falls into a state of euphoria. Ruthless American journalists are asking the Ukrainian president to explain Biden’s behavior described above. And this is what our joyful “boy in love Little Johnny” gives them in response: “You know, this reminds of how Michael Jordan once played … Michael Jordan very often lured his opponent – sometimes showing weakness or even signs of illness … many secret tricks aimed at making your opponent feel relaxed, instilling in him a sense of imminent victory. And then Jordan dramatically changed his tactics and snatched victory at the last minute. “

Rejected love, what are you doing ?! In order to compare Joe Biden with Michael Jordan, Zelenskiy’s political “love” must not only be strong, but very strong. However, I honestly admit that it was at this point in the interview that I stopped enjoying reading it.

It is generally accepted in Russia that there is a system of external American government in Ukraine. However, the wording “it is customary to consider” is probably not appropriate here. Such a carrot-and-stick system really exists. And the same interview with Zelenskiy Axios allows us to understand in detail exactly how it works.

Remember the words of the President of Ukraine that he is ready to meet with Biden at any time, anywhere in the world? In the preamble to Zelenskiy’s interview, irreverent American journalists bluntly explain why the US president stubbornly refuses to respond to these pleas: “A source in the administration said that the White House thought to invite Zelenskiy to Washington before his meeting with Putin, but abandoned the idea after Zelenskiy’s decision change the management of the state energy company Naftogaz.

If this is not external management, then I do not know what external management is. But maybe this is precisely the essence of the problem – that we do not fully understand the essence of the phenomenon of external American control existing in Ukraine?

The relationship between Kiev and the United States is very similar to the relationship between the colony and the metropolis – with one very important “but”. The “colony” represented by Ukraine is not at all eager to break free from the control of the American metropolis and gain independence. The Ukrainian political elite, of which Zelenskiy is a prominent representative, are comfortable under the American umbrella. The “serf” in this case does not want to get rid of the “master”. He wants the master to change his anger to mercy and is ready to try very hard for this.

And this realization really drives you into depression. The US President behaves so unceremoniously towards the President of Ukraine because he knows for sure: this is possible. The fish will not get off the hook and go on a solo voyage (not to mention becoming related again, or even just making peace with the former closest “political relative” in the person of Russia). By arranging a temporary blackout for Zelensky, Biden is not risking anything. But we seem to have nothing to catch in the pond where this goldfish swims. As Comrade Stalin used to say, “we will envy.”

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28554 dated June 8, 2021

Newspaper headline:
Barin Biden doesn’t love us


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