BBB 21: ‘I’m in shock’, says champion Juliette about success – 05/05/2021 – BBB21

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The lawyer and makeup artist Juliette has not yet managed to assimilate the victory at BBB 21 and the great popularity she achieved in the months she was confined.

“I am in shock, I have no dimension, I am not aware of what is happening,” he said in an interview with Gshow. “I don’t know why you chose me, but I promise you will be very proud of me, because I will honor every vote.”

Among the facts that startled her in the beginning of her post-BBB 21 life are messages sent by singer Luan Santana. “Where’s my cell phone, I want to see it now,” he joked.

When talking live and receiving praise from actors Grazi Massafera and Caio Castro, the makeup artist was embarrassed. “I’m scared, I have nothing to say”, she reacted.

She even had to take a deep breath during the interview and declared that she did not know how she will manage to chat with the 24.7 million followers she conquered on Instagram.

“Friend, now he’s a boy, that’s all, he’s dum pumping, it will be difficult to manage,” joked Ana Clara.

The runner-up and the runner-up, Camilla and Fiuk, also gave an interview to Gshow.

Camilla heard a message from actress Taís Araújo, who said she was happy with the influencer’s choices in the game. “I felt represented,” she said.

Fiuk was embarrassed to see the scenes of him under the duvet with Thaís and explained the crying after the courtship, claiming that he should have had a firm and resisted pulse. He didn’t want to give in to instincts inside the house.

Camila and Fiuk were thrilled to talk live with the families, startled by the high rejection rates of some BBB 21 participants and won gifts from the production.


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