BBB 21: Viih Tube hurts her foot at a party and undergoes medical care – 08/04/2021 – BBB21

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Viih Tube twisted his foot and had to undergo medical care at the BBB 21 Leader Party (Globo). She has her foot bandaged. “Tomorrow he (the doctor) said that I will have to take medicine”, she lamented. “My foot is swollen”.

After the incident, the youtuber received care from Juliette, who helped her change and said that she would take ice to the leader’s room. During the party, before getting hurt, Viih Tube performed the choreography for “Ilariê”, a song that is one of Xuxa’s greatest hits. The theme of the actress’ party was childhood.

“The doctor said I have ice on top of a cloth. Otherwise, the dressing will get wet and will fall into the ointment,” said Viih. “I swear on my life that it hurts, Ju”, she pointed out to a lawyer. Shortly thereafter, Pocah, Gilberto and Thaís entered the room and the youtuber said he would have to take medicine.

Other BBB21 participants have already needed medical attention after being injured in the game. Arthur, for example, had to be taken by ambulance to a hospital in the early hours of February 19, after the Leader Test that Sarah was the champion.

The crossfit trainer dislocated his right shoulder, felt a lot of pain and almost passed out on the way to medical care. At the hospital, he had to wait for the swelling to subside before putting his shoulder in place.

Caio fractured his toe in the same Leader Test in which Arthur dislocated his shoulder. A curiosity is that the brother’s fracture was the same suffered by Neymar, 29, in 2018. During the recovery, the farmer had to wear an orthopedic boot and was removed from the resistance tests.


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