BBB21: Final tries to bring joy to the saddest night of the year – 05/05/2021 – Tony Goes

And then, the imponderable happened. BBB 21, the Big of the Bigs, ended on the least festive night of the year. Brazil is still in shock with the death of Paulo Gustavo, and reality is trying to create an impossible euphoria.

As if that were not enough, the result was predictable and anticlimactic. Only the most exalted cacti must have been thrilled with the victory of Juliette Freire, sung in verse and prose by all polls for several days.

For many of us, BBB lost half of its grace with the departure of Gil do Vigor on Sunday (2). The tragic news this Tuesday (4), which culminated in the death of the comedian, left everyone withered.

In the first commercial break, Tiago Leifert told the finalists about Paulo Gustavo. The three, who did not even know that the actor had been hospitalized in March, reacted with astonishment and sadness, in testimonies shown in the second block. It was a correct decision to produce the program: in times of the Internet, it is no longer possible to pretend that nothing happened.

But the show has to go on. Following were the presentations of the four singers who participated in the Camarote group and were eliminated well before the final: Rodolffo (with his partner Israel), Projota, Karol Conká and Pocah. Projota still returned, along with his ex-challenger Lucas Penteado. At least in those moments, the hurts all seemed to be forgotten.

And it gives you a retrospective, better moments, the trajectories of each one. Not even the finalists should have liked to review these scenes for the umpteenth time, anxious to get out of the house. Meanwhile, at each break, Renata Lo Prete appeared with more details of Paulo Gustavo’s death.

With more than two hours in duration, the closing of BBB 21 was too long. A phenomenon of commercialization, this edition of reality had to satisfy a queue of sponsors. Too bad that, just on the last day, there was not the slightest climate.

Not even to make a critical assessment of the season, which deserves a cold analysis. Because there was everything: racism, machismo, homophobia, psychological terror. There was also a lot of intrigue and dogging, thanks to the most well-chosen cast of all time. In my opinion, the only one that didn’t work was Thaís Braz, who let herself go.

Of course, there is a lot to improve, even with the BBB in the air for two decades. The public and advertisers were horrified by the attitudes of some participants this year, who deserved to be punished not only for physical violence. The regulation should come with news in 2022.

It is still uncertain whether celebrities will be invited again. In fact, it is uncertain whether they will accept the invitation. The careers of Karol Conká, Projota and Nego Di came out with considerable upheavals, and perhaps that of Viih Tube as well. As for Pocah, Rodolffo, Carla Diaz, Fiuk, Camilla de Lucas and even Lucas Penteado, who dropped out in the second week, the balance is largely positive.

Nobody did better than Tiago Leifert. In his fifth season at the helm of the show, the host is sharper than ever. It is also close to the game, without the Olympic distance that Pedro Bial sometimes showed. His elimination texts evolved from scorn to pure affection.

And in the end, Juliette did, with an unbelievable 90.15% of the vote. I confess that I am immune to the makeup artist’s charms: I still don’t understand how so many Brazilians were hypnotized by her. But it is undeniable that she played well and performed well. A worthy winner of a very troubled BBB.

Interestingly, this year the second (Camilla de Lucas) and the third places (Fiuk) were announced after the great champion, both with derisory votes. Perhaps because everyone already knew who had won.

Goodbye, BBB 21. We wanted to have more fun that last night, but life didn’t let us. A kiss, Paulo Gustavo.

Tony Goes is 60 years old. Born in Rio de Janeiro, he has lived in São Paulo since he was a child. He has written for several humor series and variety shows, as well as some feature films. And daily updates the blog that bears his name:


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