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Mrs. Mundo Caroline Jurie was arrested on Thursday (8) after forcibly tearing off the crown from the head of the newly crowned Mrs. Sri Lanka, Pushpika De Silva, 31, in a contest held on Sunday (4).

The episode went viral thanks to social media and in the middle of the week the contest organization concluded that Pushpika De Silva has the right to bear the title. She was crowned again.

De Silva was said to have suffered injuries when Jurie tore off the crown. A predecessor to the winner, Caroline Jurie interrupted her colleague’s waves and smiles and removed the crown, handing it to the runner-up. She justified the act by stating that the then winner was divorced, which goes against the rules of the competition.

Jurie, along with model Chula Padmendra, were arrested on charges of causing injuries to De Silva, according to a police spokesman for the BBC. Jurie and Padmendra representatives did not comment on the arrest. Both were later released after paying bail and are expected to appear in court on April 19.

The contest in Sri Lanka is Mrs. Mundo’s national stage and, in fact, requires that the contestants be married. Jurie found herself entitled to discourage De Silva because she was not only the national winner, but also the champion of the world stage, held in 2019, in Las Vegas (USA).

The national director of the Sri Lankan stage, Chandimal Jayasinghe, told the local press that he was disappointed with Jurie and that the organization was already investigating the case. He concluded that the competitor is legally married and, therefore, there was no impediment to her coronation.

De Silva, who came to the hospital due to scalp injuries, was already known for having defended the country ten years ago in Miss World 2011, when she was still single. At the time she was among the 30 finalists, but the winner was the Venezuelan Ivian Sarcos.

In a Facebook post shared on Monday, De Silva admitted she was separated but not divorced, and said she suffered “skull injuries” when Jurie “snatched” her crown.

“Therefore, although that symbolic crown has been ripped from my head, I would like to inform you that I have already taken the necessary legal measures for the injustice and offense that have occurred,” she wrote in a statement translated from Sinhalese.

After Jurie’s arrest, the parade’s chief organizer, Chandimal Jayasinghe, told the Colombo Gazette that he, Jurie, Padmendra and De Silva gave statements at the Cinnamon Gardens police station before the charges were made.

“We are disappointed. It was a shame how Caroline Jurie behaved on stage and the organization Mrs. Mundo has already started an investigation into the matter,” he said.


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