Beer, Netflix subscription, nervousness … Olivier Véran’s restless night in Parliament

In full examination of the health bill, the Minister of Health was annoyed on several occasions by the length of the debates.

One sleepless night. Faced with the parliamentary marathon of the text imposing the health pass and the cascade of amendments tabled by the opposition, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran went to the front all evening, much of the night and the morning, sailing between the benches of the Palais Bourbon and the Senate Commission.

The opportunity to defend the health bill against the push of the Delta variant. Faced with the length of the debates and what the executive qualifies as “parliamentary obstruction”, the tenant of Avenue de Ségur has mocked opposition parliamentarians several times. “If the virus could watch us I think tonight he would be pretty happy and pour himself a little beer“, Initially criticized Olivier Véran under the heckling of the deputies.

«Between two bad solutions: confinement and the pass, I choose the pass»

Responding to Alpes-Maritimes MP (LR) Eric Ciotti who accused him of “to have changed your mind“, The Minister of Health replied that”he didn’t like the health pass tool, (…) it’s a society in which we are forced to ask for a health pass. The question is that of the decision and of the necessity“. Before getting carried away: “To govern is to choose, and sometimes to make choices that we do not like, and that is courage in politics. It is not to prolong debates by telling us that it is because of us that there would be parliamentary obstruction (…) It is the courage that I ask the national representation of us accompany (…) Between two bad solutions: confinement and the pass, I choose the pass. Let’s see what your choice will be.»

Following the announcements of Prime Minister Jean Castex at 1 p.m. on TF1, announcing that cafetiers and restaurateurs will have to check the QR codes and will be able to undergo checks by the police, Olivier Véran defended the modalities of the health pass. “An unexpected check in a restaurant means that there is no check. A pass where there is no systematic control is a family Netflix subscription. It is essential to have control. It’s like the Canal codes … Everyone will do without them, quipped the Minister of Health. There will be flexibility in the implementation of this completely new device: we are not going to go like nags to sanction everyone.»

«The only thing that gets on your nerves is when you are trying to curb the virus»

Back in front of the deputies at the beginning of the morning, Olivier Véran then returned to the question of the identity check of the health pass. Checks that will not be done by the managers of cafes or restaurants, as explained by the head of government. Faced with the hubbub of the opposition, the Minister of Health seemed to lose patience: “I wish you were as pissed off when you see the virus rise as when you are trying to stop it.» «I would like the same commitment to help us take measures to protect the French, the same vociferations that you are making today. I find that the only thing that gets on your nerves is when you try to curb the virus“, He then urged.

Faced with too many amendments, the health bill, the vote of which was initially scheduled for Thursday evening, was postponed to Friday. This also shifts the Senate calendar. After the examination and the vote of the lower house, the parliamentarians of the two chambers will have to agree, probably in committee for a final adoption at the end of the weekend.

«The parliamentary debate must not slow down, through systematic obstruction, the need to go quickly in our fight against the Covid“, First explained Christophe Castaner Thursday morning on BFMTV. The leader of the walking deputies affirms it: after the final vote and the consultation of the Constitutional Council by the Prime Minister, “we will have the means to implement the health pass“, early August. With less than 10 days to go, time is running out.


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