Before a possible primary, the Republicans will organize two polls to identify a candidate

While the question of the primary has divided the right for months, two Cevipof surveys will be launched among 15,000 people for publication in mid-September and mid-October.

To avoid the acceleration of some and the declarations of others the day after the regional elections on June 28, Christian Jacob had convened, Wednesday morning, a strategic council (one of the instances of LR) to reach a consensus on the timetable and the modalities of the primary: the list of candidates, the voting methods. If some have been asking for it for nearly a year and others have been playing for time, the elected LR officials have agreed to appoint Jean Leonetti as Mr. Primary to reflect on and organize the modalities of the process “ selection of the candidate “, Indicates the president of the Republicans, Christian Jacob,” if we do not have someone who naturally imposes himself and in whom the other candidates see themselves ».

For “ have indisputable scientific bases that shed light on things », The Republicans will order two major surveys from Cevipof – under the supervision of Pascal Perrineau – on the basis of a large sample of more than 15,000 people sharing the values ​​of the right and the center, with a publication in mid-September and mid-October. A “lighting element” for a “ arrival point In November and a clear right-wing candidate for the presidential election.

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“Divisions have led us to failure”

« The objective today is clearly to build and have a unifying candidate. It is not a question of playing placing or heating the camps against the others, it is exactly the opposite. Logic is to do everything to bring together », Explains Christian Jacob. “ Divisions have led us to failure. Anything that brings together a French team must be used “, Supports the boss of LR aware that ambitions are multiplying within the party. And the unknowns to the equation. François Baroin, a non-candidate at this stage, could he be tested? Xavier Bertrand, ex-LR, would he accept this system? “ This is the work we are going to do with Jean Leonetti », Retorts the President of the Republicans with the objective« to give alternation and beat Emmanuel Macron ».

« It is done with in-depth work. And we are moving at this pace. The ideal is that everyone is behind a candidate who brings people together. If not, there will be a selection process », Supports Christian Jacob. The choice of the candidate selection process, if there is one, and which in any case will have nothing to do with that of 2016, will be put to the vote of the activists at the end of September. The work led by Jean Leonetti – whose personality is unanimous in LR and who must meet all the elected representatives of the right and the center – must complement the reflections carried out for months by Gérard Larcher.

After Christian Jacob’s statements, opinions were divided. “We don’t have to be the dumbest right in the world … the primary is not sure at all», Nevertheless rejoices an elected LR.

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