Beijing castigates “dark history” of US intelligence

China blasted Thursday May 27 “the dark storyOf American intelligence, after the request to its services of the President of the United States Joe Biden to provide within 90 days a report to explain the origin of the pandemic.

The first cases of Covid-19 were identified at the end of 2019 in the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan, before the virus spread across the globe and killed nearly 3.5 million people. Long brushed aside by most experts, the theory of a laboratory accident in Wuhan, China, has come back in force in recent weeks in the American debate.

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Joe Biden recalls that the work of American intelligence, which focuses on two hypotheses – animal origin or leakage from a laboratory – have so far failed to lead to “a final conclusion». «The United States will continue to work with partners around the world to pressure China to participate in a full, transparent, and evidence-based international investigation.», Added the American president, deploring the attitude of Beijing on this file.

Beijing was quick to condemn the initiative. “The WHO (World Health Organization, sent to Wuhan in January) joint investigation team found laboratory leak theory ‘extremely unlikely’Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian told the press. “This is an official, formal and scientific conclusionZhao Lijian said. “This time the United States is trying to use the intelligence services to conduct a so-called investigation […] but the dark history of American intelligence has long been known to the world», Said the spokesperson.


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