Beware of stirring up strife and creating sedition

A number of associations in Tripoli warned: Mothers’ Committee, Sanabel Al-Nour, Al-Bashaer, Me and You for Good, Pioneers of Development, Muslim Scouts, First Scouts, People’s First Aid Authority, Youth Spirit, Al-Alawite Islamic Charitable Association, Dar Al-Zahra, Good Work, Shadu Al-Hamma and Initiative The Lebanese Development Action, in a statement, from “stirring up strife and creating strife,” and indicated that “in view of what is being circulated on social media of malicious provocations concerning the city of Tripoli and hitting it to the core, rumors are being spread about the imminent occurrence of security problems among the people of the same city, After we had all forgotten the painful past that Tripoli went through, and we all sought to restore cohesion and restore ourselves and society, we all realize that Tripoli needs our cohesion, harmony, and standing together, especially in these days when we suffer from the absence of power, the loss of security, the high cost of living, and we are drowning in the fight against disease and loss. Medicine, lack of medicine and the greed of merchants.”

She added: “We all stand as a civil society, associations and bodies that take the place of the state and strive to provide assistance of all kinds to heal the rift and save the deteriorating situation. We say: Beware, beware of inciting strife, creating strife, and entering the country again in the furnace of an absurd war in which only chaos, death and devastation can prevail.”

And she concluded: “One hand and one description, we will stand against everyone who is tempted to tamper with our security. And let the traffickers, abusers and stakeholders stop their despicable attempts to undermine our solidarity and solidarity.”

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