“Biden, leader of a coalition of democracies?”

CHRONICLE – The President of the United States is making concessions to Europe and Russia, which he needs in the face of China. But he remains elusive about Turkey and international jihadism.

The President of the United States is about to make a big trip to Europe. From June 11 to 13, 2021, he will attend a G7 summit in Cornwall, where four other major democracies have been invited: South Korea, India, Australia and South Africa. On the 14th and 15th, he will be in Brussels, for a NATO summit and to meet the leaders of the Council and the Commission of the European Union. Finally, on June 16, he will meet with Vladimir Poutine in Geneva.

To explain the goals of this substantial diplomatic tour, Joe Biden published, on June 5, a column in the Washington Post. It is rich in lessons.

The president does not see the United States as a country like any other. As in the days of Wilson and Roosevelt – but not of Coolidge or Trump – America is presented in its text as a new Jerusalem to guide the world, in the face of the dangers that threaten it. And that leadership, Biden says, must be practiced “From a position

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