Biden “lost” during the G7 summit – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The American president “got lost” in a restaurant during the G7 summit, it follows from the video, published ITV News on Twitter.

The footage shows how Joe Biden enters the veranda of the institution where the journalists are sitting, stops and looks around. Those present asked him how the summit was being held. The US President replied that the event was “very good” and continued, apparently, to look for his wife Jill, who later appeared on the other side of the veranda and called the American leader.

Recall that Joe Biden is now in the UK. The meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was the first on the list of contacts of US President Joe Biden on his overseas tour. The American leader presented the premiere of an American-made touring bike and a custom-made bicycle helmet. Johnson, in turn, handed Biden a photograph of a mural of American black rights activist Frederick Douglas.


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