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Joe Biden gets Covid-19 booster shot


Karen Bass, a Democratic congresswoman from California, has announced that she is running for mayor of Los Angeles, the most high-profile candidate to enter the race to run the second largest city in America.

Karen Bass

With my whole heart, I’m ready. Let’s do this — together.

I’m running for mayor.

September 27, 2021

Bass, who received national attention as one of Biden’s potential picks for vice president last year, is a progressive candidate who worked as a community organizer before running for office. She was also elected chair of the Congressional Black Caucus in 2018.
On her newly launched website, Bass focused on the housing and homelessness crisis in LA, which has emerged as a central issue in the race. One local candidate who has already entered the race has pledged to crackdown on unhoused people living on the streets, promising to arrest people who refuse to move.

“Karen is running for Mayor because she knows that solving this crisis means addressing the root causes of homelessness: lack of affordable housing, health care, job training, mental health services, and drug and alcohol counseling,” her campaign website says.

You can read more about Bass in my colleague Maanvi Singh’s profile from last year here:


The Guardian’s Sam Levine reports:

Texas lawmakers released their long-awaited proposed congressional map on Monday, a plan that would shore up Republican control of congressional seats across the state even as Democrats have made substantial gains in recent elections.

Although 95% of the population growth in Texas over the last decade was from voters of color, the new map does not create any new districts where Hispanics form a majority. Compared to the map currently in place, it creates an additional white-majority district and one less Hispani c-majority district, according to the Texas Tribune.

The map strengthens Republican control of the suburbs of several areas, some of the fastest growing areas in the state. Republicans are attempting to “pack” Democratic voters in those suburban areas into already-Democratic districts, and then attaching the suburban districts to more rural areas.

A good example of this is the 22nd congressional district, which is anchored in Fort Bend county, suburbs outside of Houston. Trump barely carried the district in 2020 by less than a percentage point. The new proposed 22nd congressional district carves out some of the most Democratic parts of the county and attaches them to already heavy Democratic districts in Houston. The new plan attaches two counties that overwhelmingly voted for Trump in 2020. If the 2020 election were held under the new lines, Trump would have won 58% of the vote, according to Planscore, a tool run by the Campaign Legal Center that analyzes maps.



Joe Biden to get Covid-19 booster shot Monday afternoon




Democrats work to pass major spending bills


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