Biden said that the damage to the United States from natural disasters in 2021 will exceed $ 100 billion

Damage from natural disasters and natural disasters in the United States this year will exceed a record $ 100 billion, United States President Joe Biden said on Tuesday, speaking in Colorado, Trend reports with reference to TASS.

“Natural disasters cost America $ 99 billion last year. <...> This year will break a record, it will be over $ 100 billion, “he said in a speech in Colorado about his proposed program to modernize American infrastructure and other efforts by the administration to, among other things, address climate change and increase preparedness for it. disaster strikes in the future. ”A transcript of the president’s speech is quoted by the White House press service.

“Yesterday I saw with my own eyes the devastating consequences [лесного пожара] Kaldor in California <...>… Over the past two weeks, I have also traveled to Louisiana, New York and New Jersey to look at the damage from Hurricane Ida. <...> The natural disasters that we are witnessing will occur even more often and will rage even more. <...> Since the beginning of the year, there have been 44,000 forest fires across the country, resulting in 5.6 million acres of fire. [более 2,2 млн га]. <...> This caused billions of dollars in damage and led to the evacuation of tens of thousands of people, “Biden continued.

According to the president, the reason for this was climate change. “What causes climate change? Human activities. <...> We must invest in becoming more resilient to the effects of climate change. <...> We also need to make investments that will slow down our contribution to climate change today, not tomorrow, “he added.

Category 4 hurricane Ida struck Louisiana on August 29, leaving more than a million consumers without electricity. The echoes of Ida have led to heavy rains and flooding in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Last week, CBS, citing local authorities, reported that at least 82 people were killed in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida in the northeastern United States. The Kaldor fire broke out in California in mid-August. According to Reuters, over a thousand buildings have been destroyed by fire to date.

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