Biden: There is no peace without recognition of Israel as a “Jewish state” … and we will work for the reconstruction of Gaza.

Atlanta, USA (CNN) – US President Joe Biden believed, Friday, that there is no peace in the Middle East without Israel’s neighbors accepting its existence as an “independent Jewish” state, calling for the start of reconstruction of the Gaza Strip after an 11-day war between the Israeli army And Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip.

Biden said in a press conference alongside his South Korean counterpart: “Let us speak clearly here, until the entire region recognizes unequivocally the existential right of Israel as an independent Jewish state, there will be no peace,” he said.

The American President affirmed that his party supports Israel and that there will be no change in his policy in support of this country, despite the criticisms that the government of Benjamin Netanyahu is facing as a result of recent events.

Biden said: “No change in my commitment to the security of Israel, point, no change at all,” and continued: “My party still supports Israel.”

In a related context, the US President announced his support for the two-state solution as a way to end the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians and stressed that America will work with its partners around the world to rebuild Gaza and ensure that Hamas is prevented from building its own weapons systems.

Biden praised his role in reaching a ceasefire between the two sides, highlighting the success of “calm and intensity” diplomacy, and for keeping talks with Netanyahu secret.


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