Biden’s approval rating drops to lows

The approval ratings of US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris dropped to their lowest levels. This was reported by USA Today, Trend reports with reference to Gazeta.Ru.

According to a poll conducted by the publication and the University of Suffolk, only 38% of citizens support the current president of the United States. This figure was a new low for Biden.

About half of those surveyed, 46% of respondents, believe that Biden did a worse job in the presidency than was expected of him. More than half, 64% of citizens, say they don’t want Biden to run for a second term in 2024.

Kamala Hariss’s work as vice president is supported by only 27.8% of citizens. 51.2% disagree with this statement, another 21% of respondents could not decide.

In a previous poll of Americans, Joe Biden’s approval rating was 42%. During the nine months of Biden’s presidency, his approval rating has dropped significantly with respect to how the president handles certain issues. The study noted that in October, 51% of respondents said they approve of the president’s measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic, up from 69% in April.

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